Financing Options

100% Lot Financing

You may have heard that the days of 100% financing are over. Not so!

We've arranged for some terrific financing options if you want to finance your lot. Working with a local bank, we can offer 100% financing of the lot with rates starting below 4%! (Note: the bank would require taking title to the lot immediately, and rather than a discount on the lot purchase, you would receive an equivalent discount on your home's purchase price.)

Thinking of building later, but want the chance to lock in today’s prices at some of the lowest rates in the past 50 years? We can help! 100% financing gives you a great way to pick your ideal lot today without a large cash outlay.

Lot loans are available for 0% down if you qualify!

After you purchase your lot, when you’re ready to build, converting your loan to a construction loan and then a permanent loan is simple. All with no hassle!

Purchase your lot today and build your dream house tomorrow!

For details, call us at (877) 81-PINES (877-817-4637) or email us.