Calendar for Century 21 agents

Click on the link below to view the list of available time slots for volunteering "floor time" at Lauren Pines. When viewing the calendar, you can click on a listed even to see details. Please email Marilyn to let her know which timeslot is best for you (note that you can see out multiple months by clicking the left/right arrows in the upper left corner of the calendar):

Lauren Pines Calendar

Lauren Pines Day Flyer: (.pub) (.pdf)

Please download and print out copies of the Lauren Pines Day Flyer above to hand out to local businesses, friends, etc.

Marketing Materials

You may print out the materials below for advertising Lauren Pines.

 This link is a "dropio" page that has content for our Lauren Pines booklet. You can download and upload here (to upload, just "drag and drop" a file onto the page and it will automatically upload). {Ed - 4/24/09}

Info packet placed in box on entrance sign: this file + this plat


Below are logos that may be used with the Lauren Pines logo. If you know what you're doing, you might want to use the *.ai file to create the exact size graphic you need. Otherwise, use one of the large or small graphics below. Keep in mind that if you try to shrink or expand any graphic very much, the resolution becomes grainy. If one of the graphics below doesn't work for your purposes, rather than use a sub-par image, please contact Ed Johnson for help in getting a better qualify image.

Small Graphic (278 px by 144 px) GIF file

Small Graphic (278 px by 144 px) with transparent background GIF file

Large Graphic (843 px by 439 px) with transparent background JPG file

Adobe Illustrator Graphic AI file

Miscellaneous Photos available here at ImageEvent and here at PhotoBucket. May be used for MLS listings and other promotions for Lauren Pines.