The Advantages of New Construction

Why consider purchasing new construction over an existing home? There are several compelling reasons. Consider the following:

  1. Maintenance costs are considerably lower for a new home than for a home that is five years old or older. Because everything in the home is new rather than used, your repair and replacement costs for the first several years should be minimal. No need to worry about replacing high-dollar items like roofs, heat pumps, hot water heaters, etc.!
  2. Most of the time, people prefer “new” over “used.” It’s the same reason that you prefer to buy clothes at a department store rather than a second-hand store, or buy a new car instead of a used one. “New” is almost always more desirable and appealing than “used”!
  3. With advances in technology, more stringent building codes, new Energy Star appliances and HVAC systems, etc., a new home will always be more energy efficient than an existing home. This alone can save you literally tens of thousands of dollars over longer periods of time compared to the cost of older homes. With the cost of electric energy continuing to raise, saving $100+ a month on energy costs is a huge benefit.
  4. You can get no better warranty on a home than with new construction. By law the builder must warrant all work for a certain period of time. Additionally, you can inexpensively purchase extended warranty protection that covers up to 10 years for new homes.
  5. New homes offer greater resale value and ease over time than currently existing homes. If you decide to sell your new home 10 years from now, it will be more attractive to buyers than the 15 year old home you could have bought initially…which will then be a 25 year old home you decide to sell.
  6. Perhaps best of all, when you build your own home, you support and create local jobs! Building a home from the ground up employs dozens of local workers and provides additional income for local businesses as well for lumber, flooring, fixtures, etc. Isn’t it nice to know that what’s good for you is also good for the local economy?!