Overview of Lauren Pines

If you’re tired of living in the tightly packed suburbs with little space to call your own, or tired of living in the city with all the noise, day and night, then Lauren Pines is for you! Lauren Pines offers tranquil country living in a relaxing setting that is still close to the things you care about.


Located in tax-friendly South Carolina, our subdivision is surrounded by hundreds of acres of farmland and woodlands on all sides. Large lots provide you with the privacy and space you want with all the benefits of community living. Enjoy walking or mountain bike riding? If so, you have plenty of trails for both! Most of the sounds you will hear are those of birds and other wildlife, not the brusque sounds of city life. And don’t be surprised to see a friendly deer or two walk through your back yard once in a while!

Even though the property is out of the city, you are in fact quite close to many convenient locations. Major artery Interstate I-85 is only minutes away, providing direct access to Charlotte and Spartanburg. If you enjoy the shopping convenience of large malls, Gastonia is only 20 minutes away as well (just off I-85). You get all the benefits of South Carolina living with convenient access to North Carolina.

Area Utility Services

Who says you can't "have your cake and eat it too?" Utility services in Lauren Pines are everything you could ask for, starting with electricity provided by low cost York Electric (one of the best electric service providers in the state). Energy efficient natural gas is provided by York County Natural Gas, Natural gas is an extremely cost-effective way to heat your home and hot water. 

Need high speed Internet for your home or home office? No problem. You've got access to  Comporium's lightning fast broadband cable modem service. Comporium also provides digital phone service and cable TV. AT&T (formerly BellSouth) is the area provider for phone service.

Forget about high water bills! You can irrigate your yard in the summer without fear of paying through the roof for water. All homes in Lauren Pines are serviced with private wells. That's a savings to you of $50 to $150 per month compared with living in a subdivision where you must pay for city or county water!